Perth Modern School

Maia Harlap in Year 11 has continued to develop her dramatic talent by winning First Prize for Year 11 Dramatic Monologue in the 2017 Perth Speech and Drama Festival. She was also awarded a Highly Commended (second place) in Year 11/12 Duologue.

Maia performed a three minute monologue from Claire Dowie’s Adult Child/Dead Child, a one-person show about an unnamed young woman confronted throughout her life with excessive discipline and punishment from her parents.  

Her only comfort comes in the shape of her imaginary friend, Benji, who becomes company of sorts at first, only to turn into something more troubling and sinister as her condition worsens.

‘I found it really fun because the character was so intense, she was very interesting and there was so much to consider to make sure I didn’t portray her in an exaggerated way,’ Maia said. 

 ‘I interpreted the piece as a conversion to her therapist.’

 Maia said she finds drama exhilarating as she gets to imagine she is a particular character and can literally put herself into someone else’s shoes.

 ‘Playing another character feels completely different as you are feeling emotions you wouldn’t necessarily feel and you are able to behave in ways you wouldn’t normally behave,’ she said.

 Maia is also an avid script and story writer and hopes to pursue both on-stage and behind-the-stage roles in the future. 

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