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Perth Modern School student Rana Ibrahim has been crowned UN Youth Voice National Junior Champion.

Rana, 14, is a very a confident and engaging public speaker and is passionate about discussing the social, environmental and political issues facing the world.

‘Being crowned the National Junior Champion was a very humbling experience as I was amongst a lot of amazing and really talented young people,’ Rana said.

‘We all had so much fun and everyone was so supportive of each other that by the end of the week it didn’t really matter who they announced as the winner’.

Voice National Finals 2016 brought together 48 exceptional high school students for a week-long conference in Canberra, challenging them to devise tangible and achievable solutions to the world’s biggest issues.

The students presented two prepared ‘pitches’, striving to provide an innovative solution to some of the world’s greatest challenges. After each speech, delegates were asked questions by the judges to demonstrate their knowledge of the issue, comprehensiveness of their solution, and their ability to engage in impromptu speaking.

In the grand final, Rana spoke on the topic ‘How we can adapt to secure our future’ and chose to focus on food security, ethical processing of food and tackling obesity rates.

Once she leaves school, Rana says she would consider pursuing a career in diplomacy or even working for the UN.

‘I would love to be involved in work that helps create solutions so that people can live healthier and more fulfilling lives,’ Rana said.

Principal of Perth Modern School, Lois Joll, said Rana is an engaging and thoughtful young woman with great potential to help shape society and the world for the better.  

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