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Perth Modern School is very proud of Caitlin Carr and Cameron Bunney, both 15, who have been selected to represent Western Australia at the United Nation’s Youth National Conference to be held in Sydney in July.

The Youth Conference aims to create a generation of young Australians who are informed and passionate about the world around them through education, engagement with national leaders, and peer mentorship.

The week-long conference brings together 150 bright-minded and passionate young people from around Australia, Japan, New Zealand and Tonga. During the conference, delegates will participate in a range of stimulating exercises, including interactive speaker forums and debates modelled on the format used at the United Nations.

Caitlin and Cameron were chosen for the Western Australian delegation based on their participation and performance at the State Conference.  

Caitlin said she was excited to be attending the National Conference as she is passionate about human rights and social justice, especially from the perspective of people living in third world nations. Caitlin spoke on behalf of Ethiopia on a variety of issues such as child soldiers and sexual violence against women.

“I am much more aware of the many issues facing people on the planet and the complexities involved in solving them,” Caitlin said. “Finding common ground with other counties with different cultures and priorities is quite challenging but by talking issues through it also gives you hope that by working together we can make a difference.”

Cameron said he enjoyed participating in debate and discussion with other young people striving to make a difference.

“The debates can really challenge your thinking and way of looking at a problem,” Cameron said.  “It is also very rewarding spending time with other students who are knowledgeable and interested in the same issues I am.”

Perth Modern School Principal Lois Joll said Caitlin and Cameron represent all that is good about young people today. 

“They are well-informed and genuine about enacting changes to make our society more fair and just,” Ms Joll said.

The Perth Modern School community wishes Caitlin and Cameron all the best for the conference in Sydney and looks forward to hearing of their continued success.

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