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BYOD PROGRAM (Bring Your Own Device)

Perth Modern School uses technology in all Learning Areas to enhance the learning experience of our students. When used appropriately, technology can increase curriculum engagement and relevance, and empowers students to be more creative and connected. Using technology enables versatile anywhere/anytime learning and is an essential skill for all students to possess as they move from school to further education or employment. The development of student ICT capabilities and 21st Century Skills is very much at the forefront of our teaching and learning programs.

Perth Modern School has implemented a parent-funded Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program for all students. Whilst students are able to bring in a device of their choice, there are specific device requirements that are best aligned with the School’s teaching and learning practices and technology infrastructure. It is essential parents carefully read through the BYOD Program document.

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This document outlines important information regarding the following:
  • Device recommendations
  • Device specification, set up and software
  • Student and family responsibility
  • Purchasing options
  • Insurance
  • Technical support
  • Student accounts and log ins

Parents are able to use an existing device from home, purchase from their local retailer or through the School’s nominated provider, Winthrop Computing, who are able to assist interested parents to purchase from a range of selected devices. There is no obligation to purchase the device through Winthrop, parents are able to choose a different retailer if preferred or you may choose to use one you already own. Please note that all devices used at school must meet our specifications and be adequately insured. Please use link below to visit the Winthrop portal for Perth Modern parents. The passcode is pmodern2019!


Winthrop Portal