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Career Counselling

Under the guidance of our Career Coordinators, Perth Modern School provides comprehensive information to students as they consider their career options. Students have access to extensive career education programs in Years 7 - 10, individual career counselling, a well-resourced Career Centre, careers exhibitions and guest speakers to ensure that they are given opportunities to explore future pathways.
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The Australian Blueprint for Career Development (“the Blueprint”) has the potential to change the way Australians think about career education, information and guidance programs. The Blueprint has multiple goals but its primary aim is to have users work within a national framework of career competencies to create effective and measurable career development programs which help Australians to better manage their lives, learning and work.

The Blueprint has the potential to provide a common language for all;

  • Enhance human resources practices within both public and private sector organisations;
  • Enable individuals to manage their careers and work/life balance more effectively, particularly in a rapidly changing labour market;
  • Encourage people of all ages to engage in purposeful learning; and
  • Support a culture of lifelong learning and development in Australia. (

The above form the basis for the Career Development program for all year groups which is delivered through specialised programs in Career Education, Advocacy or in aspects of all students learning. Career Education is holistic in approach where:

  • career/ life exploration
  • decision making, and
  • planning, action and review is an ongoing process.

Work experience is voluntary, available for years 10 – 12 and will vary in length. If you have an opportunity to do work experience, please see the Careers Centre staff.

Things to remember:

  1. Times not available are: when school calendar deems the time inappropriate, week prior or during examinations and major assessments.
  2. If you have the opportunity to complete WE during school time you must ensure that all class work is completed.
  3. Legally someone needs to visit you during your placement so holiday periods are not ideal but may be negotiated.

Endorsed programs are offered to Years 10, 11 and 12 students giving the opportunity to use university studies, community organisations and personal development programs to meet the completion requirements of the West Australian Certificate of Education (WACE). Students can be involved in any of these types of learning activities through a variety of strategies in and outside the school. Endorsed programs are given 'unit equivalence'. This effectively means that one or a combination of programs is considered equal to one unit of a WACE course. A maximum of four unit equivalents can be counted towards the WACE - a maximum of two from potentially each year: 10 - 12. Achievement of

Endorsed Programs must be reported to the School Curriculum and Standards Authority (SCSA) in the year they are achieved or completed. Please go to the link for more information

  1. Semester 1 - Individual students are to complete and return enrolment form to the Careers Centre. The SCSA website needs to be checked to ensure program is offered ( Groups (for example, tours, some music programs) – Staff responsible for the group will inform the Careers Centre.
  2. All documentation and/or certificates to show completion must be returned to Careers Centre by:

Year 12 – end of Term 3.

Year 10 and 11 by the end of November.


Scheduled for one hour per week for Years 7 – 12. Information sessions on focusing on post Year 12 studies and employment opportunities, WACE and Scholarship requirements, study skills, resilience and to promote self-awareness and an appreciation of cultural differences. To raise awareness of the diversity within the local and wider community and opportunities available to contribute beyond school in the future.


Students have an opportunity to give back to the school and the wider community in a wide variety of settings - for example their music, sport, charities, surf lifesaving, youth adventures. Community Service hours are recorded in Years 10 – 12 with SCSA and the total number of hours reported on their WASSA certificate issued to all Year 12 students at the completion of their secondary schooling.

Students can log all voluntary hours (unpaid) completed in and out of school. Log sheets are available from the Careers Centre.


The Technology and Enterprise Learning Area is a highly practical area in which students are encouraged to express themselves and develop skills in decision making and problem solving through the media of foods, textiles, wood, metal, information technology, photography and digital imaging. It provides students with opportunities to apply their knowledge and skills in a practical and enterprising way, using a variety of resources.

Activities in this Learning Area involve ‘enterprise’, which is the ability to identify needs and opportunities through a variety of situations and to take action that will be of benefit to society and the individual.