Mission and Philosophy

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Members of the school community share and promote core values. The school curriculum is underpinned and shaped by these shared values which are integrated into the school’s learning opportunities.

Members of the school community share, model and promote the following core values:

The Key Focus Areas of Perth Modern School:

  • Quality Teaching and Learning
  • Quality Learning Environment For Students

Purpose Statement:

Perth Modern School's purpose is to nurture a love of learning so as to develop academically gifted and talented students to their full academic, social and physical potential. We aspire to develop engaged, creative, independent, life long learners who will be contributing and responsible members of the school community.

School Emblem and Motto:

The Sphinx was a legendary creature considered to possess great knowledge. The school motto, Savoir C’est Pouvoir (Knowledge is Power) acknowledges the value of knowledge within our society. Both reflect the way the school strives to empower its students through fostering a love of learning.