Museum Association Inc

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Honour the History, Share the Heritage

The Perth Modernian Society Museum Association Inc was incorporated on 27 September 2017. It was registered as a Charity from 6 November 2017.

The Museum Association through its volunteers curates the School’s archival records, ensures the preservation of heritage artifacts and manages the Museum History Centre and Archives. The Museum Association welcomes biographical information, photographs and memorabilia related to the School, former staff and ex-students. It also responds to family requests for information about past scholars and to requests related to curriculum requirements from School staff and students.

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Contact may be made by phoning the Society on (08) 6189 3690 or by email to

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Opening hours are 9.30am to 12 noon on Mondays. Other times can be arranged by contacting the Association on

Since 1974 volunteers have carefully preserved records and memorabilia tracing the history of Perth Modern School and its students since its earliest days – building on the work of students and staff in earlier years from its opening in 1911.

Museum Association Board

This Board of the Perth Modernian Society Museum Association Inc has overall responsibility for funding and monitoring the operations of the Museum including the protection, maintenance and publication of records of the School, former staff and students, and the research and preparation of displays and activities associated with PMS Museum to honour the history and share the heritage of Perth Modern School.

Board Members

  • Dr Robyn White – Chair
  • Sharon Williams – Treasurer
  • Sallie Davies – Secretary
  • Professor Alistair Petersen
  • Jeffrey Lai
  • Monica Brierley Hay

The day-to-day activities in the Museum are undertaken by volunteers who meet four times a year as the Museum Standing Committee, to identify needs and advise the Board on these.

If you are interested in finding out more about the Museum, becoming a volunteer or wish to make a donation to the Museum Association’s great work, please visit:

Pictured: Perth Modern students in the Museum working on augmented reality project