Parents and Citizens (P&C) Committee

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The Parents and Citizens Association (P&C) invites all parents to attend meetings which occur twice per term during Week 3 and 7 of each term, commencing at 7.00pm in the McCusker Boardroom in the Beasley Building. The meetings conclude at approximately 8.30pm.

The P&C is a school-based organisation with membership open to parents, teachers, students and interested citizens. The P&C aims to:

  • provide a platform to bring parents, citizens, students and teaching staff together;
  • give parents a chance to be aware of all school activities;
  • provide opportunity to contribute to the school's resources through various fundraising events; and
  • involve parents in discussing how the money raised is spent.

P&C membership and participation in P&C meetings are voluntary. The P&C meetings provide great opportunity to meet other parents, hear about what is going on within the school and to voice your opinion on how P&C funds should be distributed. In addition, the Principal will report on school activities and be able to answer questions.

To view a summary of the latest P&C meeting minutes and meeting schedule please visit Connect.

You can also follow the latest news and event information on the P&C Facebook page.

For P&C Friends of Music related latest news and event information please join the Friends of Music PMS Facebook page.

All ideas and suggestions are welcome. Please reach out by email using either or

The following committee members were elected for 2022:
PresidentMonojeet Ghosh
Vice-PresidentNicola Peiris
TreasurerJill Champion
Executive CommitteePhil Marshall
Dinusha Weeraratna
Sharon Williams
WACSSO RepresentativeTBA
School Board RepresentativePhil Marshall
Friends of Music Representative - ConvenorNicola Peiris
Friends of Music Representative - SecretaryTeresa Eastwood
Friends of Music Representative - TreasurerYury Tokarev
Year 7 Social CoordinatorTBA
Year 8 Social CoordinatorEmma Hagen
Monica Petterson
Satvinder Notay
Year 9 Social CoordinatorTBA
Year 10 Social CoordinatorNatalie Van der Stricht
Year 11 Social CoordinatorDinusha Weeraratna
Year 12 Social CoordinatorTBA
Second Hand Uniform Shop RepresentativesDinusha Weeraratna
Buildings and Grounds RepresentativeNicola Peiris

All suggestions are welcome. Please email them to President, P&C at or Secretary, P&C at

For an understanding of how the School Board, P&C, Finance Committee, School Executive, Student Council and Learning Area Teams work together to support students and provide effective school governance, see this diagram.