The Perth Modernian Society is an Association of former students and staff. There are two levels of membership – Registered Membership which is FREE and Contributing Membership which is $120 ($80 for Year 12 Graduates) for a four year membership. Details of membership benefits are on the web site.

Membership can be made electronically through the Society’s web page.

The executive meets twice per term in the History Centre. The Society produces a quarterly e-newsletter for Registered Members and an annual publication for Contributing Members.

The Society organises a variety of reunions and social functions. Up to date information is available from the Society’s website below. Please click here for the report from the 2018 Annual Modernian Reunion.

The Perth Modernian Society has two major sub-committees: 

The Sphinx Foundation Inc. whose current major project is raising the capital to fund scholarships for current students. The Sphinx Scholarship Fund appeal's purpose is to assist deserving students meet their potential. The Sphinx Foundation between 2010 and 2013 has already provided 74 Sphinx Scholarship and Bursary awards to incoming students (Year 8) with demonstrated financial needs or other circumstances, or to Year 10 students who have demonstrated high achievement in specific academic subjects. All donations to this worthy appeal are Tax Deductible.

The Historical and Museum Committee curates the archival records, ensures the preservation of heritage artifacts and manages the recently established History Centre. The committee welcomes biographical information, photographs and memorabilia related to the School, former staff and ex-students. It also responds to family requests for information about past scholars and to requests related to curriculum requirements from School staff and students.

Contact with the Executives of these groups may be made by mail to the school, through phoning the Society on 9487 1192 or by e-mail to: [email protected]. The Society has available an Alumni Tie and an Alumni watch. Details are on the Society website. In 2005 the Sphinx Foundation launched the book “Perth Modern School: the History and the Heritage”. ($50 + pp). For information on how to purchase the memorabilia please email the above address or visit the website of the Society.

The date of the Annual Reunion of all students is advertised on the home page Society’s website as soon as the date is set. Past students interested in details of the Decade Reunions of the Year 12 (Leaving) class of 1967, 1977, 1987, 1997, and 2007 should also make e-mail contact. The alumni body believes that amongst all government schools in WA and indeed in Australia, Perth Modern School can confidently look to the future knowing that it has a large, strong and well-organised alumni organisation that always stands ready to support the school in many meaningful ways, as well as serving a wide range of other functions for the Society’s members.

The Council of the Perth Modernian Society knows that this illustrious school is a lighthouse for quality public education and that it has never been in better shape than it is now. Details of current Alumni events, membership application forms and other current news is available on the Perth Modernian Society website:


2018-19 Council
    Professor Geoff Soutar, President student 1961-65
    Deborah Beresford, Hon Secretary teacher 1974-2007
    Eve Broadley, Hon Treasurer student 1958-60
    Barrie Barker, Finance student 1954-58
    Ruth Barrett, Member
    Sallie Davies, student 1951-55, teacher 1961
    Peter Farr, Past President student 1954-58
    Julian Grill, Member
    Ian Jarvis, Communications student 1954-58
    Jeanette McQueen, student 1957-61
    Barbara Mallett student 1966-70
    Ed Lazarus, student 1956-60
    Lois Joll, PMS Principal
    Barrie Baker, Convenor Treasurers
    Eve Broadley, Council
    Peter Farr, Sphinx Foundation
    Alan Porter, H&M Committee
Sphinx Foundation Board
    Barrie Baker, Chair
    Peter Farr, Treasurer
    Eve Broadley, Member
    Nigel Hunt, Member
    Jeanette McQueen, Secretary
    William Philogene, Member
    Val Furphy, Associate Principal
    Ian Jarvis, Convenor/Portal
    Ed Lazarus, Membership
    Peter Farr, Member
    Vacancy/IT support person/portal
    Sallie Davies, Newsletters
    Graeme Hunt, Magazine Compiler
Reunions Liaison
    Deb Beresford, Convenor
Perth Modernian Society Museum Association Incorporated Board
    Sallie Davies, Chair
    Robyn White, Deputy Chair
    Robert Johnson, Hon Treasurer
    Sharon Williams, Hon Secretary
    Lois Joll, Board Member
    2 Vacant positions
Historical & Museum Committee
    Sallie Davies, Acting Chair
    Deb Beresford, Honorary Archivist/Curator
    Alan Porter, Hon Treasurer
    Robyn White, Hon Secretary
    Ian Jarvis, Hon IT Manager
    Gay Albillos, Member
    Frank Hedges, Member
    Robert Johnson, Member
    Rod Smith, Member
Volunteers - History Centre and Archives
    Gay Albillos, Conservation
    Deb Beresford, Hon Archivist
    David Black, Hon Consultant
    Jim Davies, Biographical Index
    Sallie Davies, Coordinator
    Frank Hedges, Bio Index
    Robert Johnson, War History
    Stephen Monterosso, Thomas St
    Bill MacPherson, Photo Scanner
    Deirdre Owen, Archives
    Alan Porter, Science Restoration
    Rod Smith, Science Data Entry
    Roger Stubbs, Research
    Dr Robyn White, Archives
    Sharon Williams, Parent
    Alison Woodman, Research
Modernian Fellows
    Barrie Baker
    Sallie Davies
    Peter Farr
    Ian Jarvis
    Malcolm McCusker
    Donald Tyler
Moderna Scola Awards
    Deborah Beresford
    Eve Broadley
    Alan Porter
Honorary Modernians
    Tonya McCusker AM
    Alison Woodman


Perth Modern School and the Perth Modernian Society offer these very special memorabilia items for you to cherish. To commemorate our school we have a range or memorabilia available for sale.

To place an order for any of the items please download and complete the form. Please email it to [email protected] or hand in the completed form at reception.

For more information please contact school reception on 9380 0555.