Student Services

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At Perth Modern School there is an extensive system of support to enable students to achieve their personal best. The Student Services team work together to ensure that student pastoral and learning needs are met. Students are treated as individuals with their own individual learning, social and emotional needs.

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The Team

Matthew Healy
Associate Principal – Student Services

Monica Franz
Program Coordinator, Senior Years Manager

Michelle Edwards
Program Coordinator, Middle Years Manager

Jacqui Carter
Year 7 Coordinator

John O’Loughlin
Year 8 Coordinator

Melanie Wilcock
Year 9 Coordinator

Katie Chin
Year 10 Coordinator

James Casey
Year 11 Coordinator

Jessica Lhota
Year 12 Coordinator

Rachel Hudman
School Psychologist

Meredith McKenzie-Murray
School Psychologist

Gráinne Hehir
School Nurse

Chantel Fletcher
School Officer

Natalie Edwards
School Officer

Xia Crothers
School Officer

Jenny Bickers
Education Assistant

Sandra High
Education Assistant


The School maintains an active Student Services team to ensure that individual students receive the support necessary for them to succeed at school. An emphasis is placed upon creating a caring environment and providing students with easy access to staff when any assistance is required. The pastoral care of the students is the responsibility of all staff at Perth Modern School.

The Associate Principal is responsible for coordinating the Student Services team, working on the vision and strategies to ensure systems and processes are in place to enable success for each students to achieve their future pathway.

Manager of Senior Years works specifically with students, parents, and teachers on Years 10-12wit their academic success, WACE achievement, and future pathways.

The Manager Middle Years ensures that there is effective liaison between staff, students and parents, with a main focus on students in the Middle Years )Years 7-9) and the love of learning.

Each cohort has a Year Coordinator with a specific Year Theme as their focus. The Year 7 Coordinator embeds the Sense of Belonging, whilst the Year 12 Year Coordinator focuses on a Sense of Community. The Year 7 Coordinator remains in that role. The Year 8, 9 and 10 Coordinators rotate with their students, which enable continuity of care and consistent support in the Senior Years. The Years 11 and 12 Coordinators have a very specific focus on WACE and SCSA requirements to meet coupled with university and scholarship expertise.

For one period per week, here is an Advocacy class. The Advocacy teacher supports the program which includes guest speakers, House activities and Thriving minds lessons to embed the whole school wellbeing initiative. Where possible, the Advocacy teacher will remain with the students for their time at Perth Modern School.

The School Psychologist supports students who are at educational risk especially if they are experiencing an emotional or family crisis. The Psychologist also conducts workshops designed to promote emotional health.

The School Chaplain represents a general Christian non-sectarian presence in the school. Through informal friendship and as a member of the Student Services team, the Chaplain will provide support for any students who have concerns affecting his or her emotional wellbeing, friendship group or school performance.

The School Nurse provides emergency care, counselling services for students and staff, conducts health and screening and immunisation program and assists staff with Health Education classes by providing advise or organising guest speakers.

The Educational Assistants work with the teachers and Student Services Team to support the academic progress of students who have specific learning disorders or neurodiversity diagnoses.

Student Services Support Officers are an integral part of the team, ensuring that students are welcomed, communication between home and the school is efficient and accurate records are kept.

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The vision of Student services is for every student to feel positive and excited with their chosen pathway beyond school. This can be achieved through

  • Empowering every student to be curious of all the possibilities at school and in the wider community.
  • Inspiring students to embrace the interactions and contributions of those on the journey.

The purpose of Student is to support the individual to look beyond the barries and equip themselves to embrace challenges. This comes through setting goals, not limits, and develop their individual toolkit to be inspired by the journey ahead.

At times when the challenges seem too big, the Student Services team work together to guide, teach, coach and support the student to break down the barriers and achieve success.


At the beginning of Year 7, each student is placed in an Advocacy group. Where possible, the Advocacy teacher appointed to work with the Advocacy group will stay with the same students from year to year to provide continuity of care and attention. As part of the Advocacy program, the school follows the Positive Education ethos. The Advocacy teacher monitors students’ overall progress and quickly establishes if they require extra support. They assist with goal setting, homework, personal organisation and access to extra tuition.


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