Student Services

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At Perth Modern School there is an extensive system of support to enable students to achieve their personal best. The Student Services team work together to ensure that student pastoral and learning needs are met. Students are treated as individuals with their own individual learning, social and emotional needs.


At the beginning of Year 7, each student is placed in an Advocacy group. Where possible, the Advocacy teacher appointed to work with the Advocacy group will stay with the same students from year to year to provide continuity of care and attention. As part of the Advocacy program, the school follows the Positive Education ethos. The Advocacy teacher monitors students’ overall progress and quickly establishes if they require extra support. They assist with goal setting, homework, personal organisation and access to extra tuition.

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Student Care:

Student care encompasses all that a school community does to meet the personal, social and learning needs of students. Our effective student care program creates a safe, caring environment and provides opportunities for students to enjoy success and recognition, make useful contributions to the life of the school and derive enjoyment from their learning.

Students are provided with a wide variety of support structures to cater for their differing wellbeing needs. An integral part of the Perth Modern School student care program is our professional and compassionate Student Services team which consists of:

  • Deputy Principal - Student Services
  • Manager Middle Years
  • Heads of Year
  • School Psychologist
  • Student Leadership & Involvement Co-ordinator
  • School Chaplain
  • School Nurse
  • Educational Assistants
  • Head of House

The Student Services Managers are responsible for co-ordinating the student care program and ensures that there is good liaison between staff, students and parents. Where necessary, the manager will arrange for external agencies to provide additional support for students.

The Head of Years are assigned to each Year group. They work closely with Advocacy Teachers to implement the advocacy program, to monitor attendance, to identify students at educational risk and to organise social activities. The Head of Year follows each cohort through their time at Perth Modern School which ensures a strong relationship with each student along with their families.

The School Psychologist supports students who are at educational risk, especially if they are experiencing an emotional or family crisis. The Psychologist also conducts workshops designed to promote emotional health and offers individual counselling.

The Student Leadership & Involvement Co-ordinator works with students to undertake community service opportunities, encourges the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme and co-ordinates Focus Days for each year group. They are also an integral part of the Year 7, Year 8 and Year 9 camps.

The School Chaplain represents a general Christian non-sectarian presence in the school. Through informal friendship and as a member of the Student Services team, the Chaplain provides support for any student who has concerns affecting his or her school performance.

The School Nurse provides First Aid, a health counselling service for students, health screening and immunisation programs.

The House System:

The Perth Modern School House System builds school spirit and maintains tradition. When each student is assigned an Advocacy, that automatically assigns them a house. Being part of a House ensures that students are connected across year levels.

Leadership skills are developed as students accept responsibility for leading their Houses and co-ordinating a variety of sporting, academic, arts and community activities, during advocacy & lunchtime.

Career Counselling:

Under the guidance of our Career Coordinators, Perth Modern School provides comprehensive information to students as they consider their career options. Students have access to extensive career education programs in Years 7 - 10, individual career counselling, a well-resourced Career Centre, careers exhibitions and guest speakers to ensure that they are given opportunities to explore future pathways.

Residential Accommodation:

Students enrolled at Perth Modern School from the country have wonderful boarding experiences at City Beach Residential College. Located at City Beach, the college offers a high standard of care for students who need to live away from home.

Further details are available from City Beach Residential College:

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