Thriving Minds

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At Perth Modern School, we have adopted a comprehensive whole-school approach to wellbeing, recognising the importance of a shared language and collective effort. This approach aims to create a culture where students, staff, and the wider school community thrive in all aspects of their lives. Research suggests that a whole-school approach to wellbeing leads to positive outcomes in terms of a strong sense of academic achievement, emotional wellbeing, and positive relationships within the school community.

To achieve our vision of fostering wellbeing, we have implemented the Thriving Minds program, which integrates the principles of positive psychology, neuroscience and evidence-based pedagogy. The Thriving Minds program is organised around six key domains, known as PERMA-H, which encompasses various aspects of well-being. These domains include:

Positive Emotions: Research shows that cultivating positive emotions enhances psychological wellbeing and resilience.
Engagement: The state of engagement, characterized by being fully absorbed and immersed in activities, is associated with increased motivation, academic performance, and overall wellbeing.
Relationships: Strong and supportive relationships contribute significantly to wellbeing and social connectedness.
Meaning: Finding purpose and meaning in life is associated with greater life satisfaction, personal growth, and wellbeing.
Accomplishment: Setting and achieving goals, along with experiencing a sense of accomplishment, are linked to higher levels of self-esteem, motivation, and wellbeing.
Health: Physical health is closely intertwined with mental wellbeing, and research consistently highlights the bidirectional relationship between the two. In this domain, we focus on sleep, nutrition, exercise and the mind-body connection.

The principles of the Thriving Minds philosophy are relevant and applicable across all aspects of school and personal life. By implementing evidence-based practices informed by positive psychology and wellbeing research, we aim to create an environment where all members of our school community can flourish.