Thriving Minds

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At Perth Modern School we aim to foster a culture where students, staff and the wider school community flourish in all aspects of their life. The Thriving Minds program uses the science of positive psychology, along with best practice pedagogy to provide our school community with the tools to achieve this vision. It has been developed specifically for our school with the needs of gifted students in mind.

The Thriving Minds program focuses on specific skills that will assist students in strengthening their relationships, building positive emotions, enhancing personal resilience, promoting mindfulness and encouraging a healthy lifestyle. By focusing on these skills students are better equipped to reach their learning potential and lead more fulfilling lives.

At the end of 2019, staff engaged in a professional development session on positive engagement, positive relationships and positive emotions. The sessions were run by our school wellbeing team and involved lots of interactive and fun activities.

We were also lucky to start this year with a visit from Geelong Grammar School who ran a professional development session on the introduction of Positive Education. In 2020, we have commenced the implementation of the program with our Year 7 students.

The Thriving Minds program involves explicit teaching of these skills through Health Education, Career Education and our Advocacy program. It is also implicitly embedded in other subjects and through additional school policies and initiatives. Based on the initial success of the program, the School will be looking to expand the program to more year groups in 2021.