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Gifted and Talented Education

As a fully selective academic school we offer the unique opportunity for our students to work with over 1400 like-minded peers in an environment that celebrates the love of learning.

At Peth Modern School we believe teaching gifted students begins with the premise that each child should come to school to stretch and grow daily. It includes the expectation that the measure and growth is competition with oneself rather than competition against others. It resides in the notion that educators understand key concepts, principles and skills of subject domains, and present this in ways that cause highly able students to wonder and gasp and extend their reach. It also envisions schooling as an escalator on which students continually progress, rather than a series of stairs, with landings on which advanced learners consistently wait.

Perth Modern School believes responsive instruction is a carefully supported indicator of professional growth, the capacity to extend even the most capable mind, is a benchmark of success.

Therefore, our teachers are trained in the Gifted Education Research, Resource, and Information Centre (GERRIC) modules. This allows our teachers to gain a comprehensive understanding of the many issues relating the educational and related needs of high ability students. Most importantly, our teachers understand the wide range of skills that are necessary to best support these students.

The GERRIC modules are informed by the latest research and innovative pedagogical practices focusing on:

Creating awareness around the nature of giftedness
Identifying gifted students
Curriculum differentiation and development for gifted students
The socio-emotional development of gifted students
Creativity in gifted education.

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Support for your Child

A profile of incoming students is developed using a mix of informal and formal data to ascertain which students are at educational risk as well as those with a documented learning difficulty/disability. Our goal is to ensure that equitable outcomes occur and that these students are not disadvantaged due to their learning difficulties/disabilities.

Support provided by our Student Services Team


  • The Advocacy program focusses on Thriving Minds.
  • Timetabled sessions in the tutor centre for support in literacy and/or numeracy in small group tuition.
  • One-to-one tuition depending on need and availability of time.
  • Ongoing pastoral care such as access to our Student Services Support Team, parent contact and mentoring.
  • Learning and teaching adjustments where necessary.
  • Regular monitoring of academic progress.
  • Adjustment for student needs such as additional time in assessments and examinations.

Teaching and Student Services staff

  • In class support. This does not target any one particular student or group of students but is designed to create a supportive environment in which students can learn successfully.
  • Problem solving collegiate support.
  • Communication regarding student progress, attendance, and welfare.
  • Provision of practical learning strategies to assist students.
  • Ongoing professional learning on request and through staff development days.
  • Assistance with preparing an IEP.


  • Regular reporting on child’s progress.
  • Parental support when needed, to better understand the gifted child’s needs.
  • Communication regarding learning and attendance issues.
  • We also support our students through our Advocacy program, the school chaplain, nurse, and psychology services. We have a dedicated Year Coordinators, managers of Students Services, Years 7 – 9 and Years 10 – 12 and a dedicated Associate Principal overseeing all of Student Services.

    Further Support for our Twice Exceptional Students

    We believe in strong parent school relationships. Parents of twice exceptional students become an important bridge between home and school.

    We support students to use assistive technologies and confer with parents for clues on which tools might work best. We realise that a twice exceptional student should never feel that accommodations for the classroom are being made because of them as in actuality, all students can benefit from these strategies. Advanced cognitive abilities, poor social skills and sensitivities can leave 2e students feeling vulnerable. School and classroom environments must feel safe and foster respect for individuals and individual differences. At Perth Modern School we work with all our students in developing relationships, social emotional skills, motivation, goal setting and organisational skills. This helps support our students to feel free to be themselves, express their emotions, and handle their difficulties without fear of rejection or negative response.

    Upcoming Events for 2024 Families

    Transition Event 1 Year 7 - 2023 to be advised
    Transition Event 2 Year 7 - 2023 to be advised
    Transition Event 3 Year 7 - 2023 to be advised
    Year 7 Pin Ceremony - Friday, 24 November 2023
    Transition Event 5 Year 7 - 2023 to be advised
    Higher Years Pin Assembly - 2023 to be advised

    First Day of Term 1 - Wednesday, 31 January 2024
    Year 7 Parent Information Evening - 2023 to be advised

    Higher Year students will have the opportunity to visit the school for one or two buddy days over Term 3 and Term 4 2023.

    Year 10 2024 students will have the option to join their peers on the Year 9 Camp 2023.

    Instrumental Music Program

    Perth Modern School has an international reputation for excellence in performance and music studies. Music students take part in a dynamic program and are taught by highly skilled professional musicians.

    All Year 7 students participate in a music course developing fundamental skills and an understanding of music as a part of the timetabled curriculum and perform at set times throughout the year in the Year 7 Choir.

    Students interested in learning an instrument have the opportunity to learn through the Instrumental Music Program (IMSS) with all enrolled students participating in ensemble groups.

    Students wishing to join our Instrumental Music Program in 2023 are required to complete the online application form.

    Read more about the Instrumental Music Program here


    Lowes Uniform Shop

    The Perth Modern School Uniform Shop is run by Lowes and is located near reception outside the Andrews Building or at the Kardinya store. The Shop can be contacted on (08) 9388 3543. Parents can order uniform items online at

    Second Hand Uniform Shop

    The Perth Modern School P&C operates a Second Hand Uniform Shop with a range of good quality current uniforms including music 'concert' uniforms. The shop is located in the School Refectory next to the Joseph Parsons Library. The shop runs on card transactions, we are not able to accept cash payments. The Second Hand Uniform Shop is unable to accept returns.

    View uniform shop details

    View the School Uniform policy

    Choosing Your Device (BYOD)

    Perth Modern School uses technology in all Learning Areas to enhance the learning experience of our students. When used appropriately, technology can increase curriculum engagement and relevance, and empowers students to be more creative and connected. Perth Modern School has implemented a parent-funded Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program for all students. Whilst students are able to bring in a device of their choice, there are specific device requirements that are best aligned with the School’s teaching and learning practices and technology infrastructure.

    Parents are required to read through the recommendations and guidelines.


    All resource lists for 2024 subjects are made available for order from Campion in Term 4.

    Please visit the link to download. Perth Modern School Resource Lists

    You can find the specific ‘How To’ order instructions on the resource list.

    As Year 7 students participate in all subjects, all items on the list are required.


    The school will receive the new student SmartRider cards during Term 1 of the new year. Unfortunately, there may be a transition period where students are able to use their SmartRider from their previous school or alternatively this period is a learning experience on how to use ticket machines.

    These will be distributed to students in advocacy class. All new students receive a Smartrider as it also linked to other school uses such as paying at the canteen.

    Replacement SmartRider cards may be reordered through the school finance desk.

    SmartRider Information Sheet


    Students receive lockers on their first day of school and are encouraged to bring their items in gradually over their first week instead of carrying heavy bags.

    Students only require writing material for the first few days not necessarily their laptop.

    Student processions such as phones and laptops are to be kept in their lockers when they are not in use.

    Travelling to Mod

    Kiss ‘n’ Ride Points

    There are two drop off/pick up points at the school, one at the Roberts Road carpark entrance and the second is off Subiaco Road. Please follow the directions as per the line markings, keep to the left, pull up and leave in a timely manner to avoid bottle necks.

    Public Transport

    The Transperth Leederville and West Leederville train stations are nearby and are within walking distance of the school. Students who travel into Perth CBD via alternative train lines can travel on the free Yellow CAT bus route to the school.

    To plan your journey, visit theTransperth Journey Planner for the most direct route.