Year 7 Entry Scholarships

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The Year 7 Entry Scholarships (see list below) are provided by the Sphinx Foundation Inc. to meet the general conditions defined in its constitution with respect to the Sphinx Scholarship Fund. Scholarships are eligible to be applied for if an offer of a place for Year 7 is received (via the Gifted and Talented testing process). Parents and carers will be emailed with information on how to apply for scholarships during the enrolment process.

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(i) The Scholarships will be awarded annually on the grounds of academic merit and need to students who have applied for and being accepted for entrance to Perth Modern School, and who, in the opinion of the Sphinx Scholarship Selection Committee, have

  • (a) displayed Academic Excellence in their Primary schooling, and
  • (b) has personal circumstances of financial or other need such that the award will be most beneficial in removing barriers, overcoming a specific disadvantage, or in providing access to opportunities to facilitate the achievement of educational success.

(ii) The Scholarships are to provide an annual sum, to a value depending upon the prevailing income from the funds invested by the Sphinx Foundation Inc. ensuring the perpetuity of the Scholarships. The Chris and Ling Hayes Scholarship is a once-off scholarship valued at $1,000. For each of the other Scholarships the nominal amount will be (in 2018) $1,060 per annum – generally for four years.

(iii) Each of the Scholarships will be awarded by the Sphinx Scholarships Selection Committee to a student for entry into Year 7. Note:

  • (a) All applications will be subject to the same stringent process for demonstrating Academic Excellence and financial or other need;
  • (b) Preference may be given to a student whose family residence is outside the Perth metropolitan area;
  • (c) Should it be required, the Sphinx Scholarship Selection Committee may make contact with applicants to further clarify particular aspects of financial or other need.

(iv) The multi-year Scholarships will be renewed in Years 8, 9 and 10, conditional upon satisfactory educational performance and progress, contribution to the School, co-curricular involvement, and continuing compliance with the conditions of the Award as assessed by the Sphinx Scholarship Selection Committee. (Note: Scholarship holders are required to disclose if they have become ineligible to continue to hold a Scholarship).

Draw down: The funds are credited at the beginning of Semester 1 against the awardee's name at the School and may be accessed for educational purposes as above. Any funds not expended in one academic year will carry forward to the following academic year.

Year 7 Awards:

  • The McCusker (Academic Excellence) Scholarship - (Funds for the Scholarship were donated by the McCusker Charitable Foundation)
  • The Don Tyler (Academic Excellence) Scholarships - (Funds for the Scholarships were donated by Modernian Donald Tyler)
  • The Perth Modernian Society (Academic Excellence) Scholarships - (Funds for the Scholarships were donated by numerous Modernians and other supporters of the Sphinx Scholarship Fund)
  • The Perth Modernian Society Bursaries
  • The Raymond Dingle and Gai Harris Scholarship - (Funds for the Scholarship were donated by Modernian Dr Raymond Dingle and his partner Gai Harris)
  • The Ling and Chris Hayes Scholarship - (Funds for the Scholarship were donated by Modernian Chris Hayes and his wife Ling Thoo)

More information regarding applying for one of the above scholarships is included in the enrolment pack. Please note only students who have received an offer of a place from Gifted and Talented are eligible to apply.

View the Year 7 Scholarships Conditions of Awards.

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